Tokyo> "List 2019", "art report Art Reports art report" Ⓡ registered trademark Yamanoshita publication Ⓒ copyright ownership  

Tokyo> "List 2019", "art report Art Reports art report" Ⓡ registered trademark Yamanoshita publication Ⓒ copyright ownership

<Tokyo> "List 2019", "art report Art Report  " Ⓡ registered trademark Yamanoshita publication Ⓒ copyright ownership


Corporate name

<Tokyo> Art

Arts Chiyoda 3331  Https://Www.3331.Jp/  Museum. Exhibitions, special events related to arts and culture,

Art Printing Co., Ltd.  comprehensive printing business / planning, design, production, and digital pre-off

Art School Hongo Academy of Fine Arts  Academy of Fine Arts

Co., Ltd. Ando S BBDO I  Http://Www.Isbbdo.Co.Jp/  advertising agency.                     

Mitsuo Aida Museum  Museum

Co., Ltd. Ai Planet  advertising agency. Major shareholder / Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (

Ai Planet Corporation  printing. Other.                    

Co., Ltd. Aireppu  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Akita Shoten  magazines, books, comics, paperback, children's books and Medellin

Shotaro Akiyama Photographic Art Gallery  Museum of Photography

Ako Brands Japan Co., Ltd.  art. Art supplies manufacturer.

Asagaya College of Art and Design  College of Art and Design

Asakura Sculpture Museum  Museum of Art / Sculpture Museum

Co., Ltd. Asatsu-DK  advertising agency.                     

Asahi Agency  advertising agency                      

Asahi Agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Asahi folding  advertising agency. Asahi Shimbun              

Asahikokokusha Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra corporation Asia Art Association  art relationship. Public benefit corporation.

Touya Printing Co., Ltd.  commercial printing, publishing magazines, companies of various types of advertising products

Ad Best Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Advertising Museum Tokyo  Museum

Animation Museum of Kai  Museum / animation

Bridge of the Americas gallery  art. gallery

Alkanes Sierre Art Foundation Foundation  art relationship. Public benefit corporation.

Ishihora Museum  Museum

Ise half head office Beni Museum  Museum. Mu to convey the "tricks" of the red-making

Itabashi Art Museum  Museum

Ichikyudo print shop Co., Ltd.  internal consistency that combines the craftsmanship and IT digital technology

Itsuki Art Gallery  Art Gallery

Isseido Museum  Museum

Idemitsu Museum of Arts (Foundation)  Http://Idemitsu-museum.Or.Jp/  Museum

Itoya  art. Art supply store.

Itoya Shibuya art. Art supply store.

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Corporate name

Itoya Shinjuku art. Art supply store.

Itoya Tamagawa store art. Art supply store.

Iwaoka Printing Industry Co., Ltd.  publication printing as well as the planning of commercial printing, interview,

Co., Ltd. Iwanami Shoten  humanities and social science, natural science, art, literature, children

Institute Internet Advertising Association  advertising agency

Ueno Green Club  art. 1992 opening. Bonsai Exhibition, Yamano Kusaten, east

Ueno Royal Museum  Museum

Co., Ltd. Uematsu  running sheet-fed offset printing press (one single-sided double-sided combined machine

Uematsu art. Art supply store.

Urasaki art supply store art. Art supply store.

Urasaki art supply store art. Art supply store.

Glory Corporation Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Eisei bunko museum  Museum. Oriental sculptures. Ancient documents. 50,000及to 8,000 points

CO., LTD ADK International  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Aim Create Co.  advertising agency. Space production business, commercial facilities

Edo-Tokyo Museum  Museum. Museum. Edo-Tokyo of history and culture.

Co., Ltd. NHK publication  food and handicraft, horticulture, enrich the lives and health

Co., Ltd. NKB  Http://Www.Nkb.Co.Jp/  advertising agency. Transit advertising, food-related businesses, space

NTT Inter Communication Center (ICC)  Http://Www.Ntticc.Or.Jp/ja/  Museum. NTT East operated cultural facilities.

NTT Printing Co., Ltd.  editing, plate-making and printing of the telephone book, binding, and packaging and

M & I Art (Co.)  Http://Www.Mi-art.Co.Jp/  evaluation and appraisal, other works of art.

Co., Ltd. HELIOS (Elios)  Http://Www.Ad-helios.Jp/  advertising agency. Planning on the WEB site, production

Co., Ltd. ENJIN  Http://En-jin.Jp/  advertising agency.                     

Prince Packaging Co., Ltd.  folding carton, cardboard, synthetic resin containers, and other packaging

JF Oberlin University of Arts and College of  art. University

Co., Ltd. Obunsha  comprehensive publishing and business, which was the main education and information. 

Ome Municipal Museum of Art  Museum

O Museum (public goods) Shinagawa Cultural Promotion Agency  Museum

Co., Ltd. OMC  advertising agency.                     

Okura Museum of Art (public goods) Okura Cultural Foundation  Museum / current Furudate

Oshima farmers art museum  Museum. Art museum

Ota Memorial Museum of Art  Museum

Ota Ward Ryuko Memorial  Museum of Art. Memorial. Modern Ryuko Japanese painting Kawabata (188

Otsuka Academy of Fine Arts  Academy of Fine Arts

Co., a leading advertising agency  advertising agency.                     

Obayashi Corporation  general construction company. art.

Taro Okamoto Memorial  Museum of Art.

Ogawa Museum  Museum

Okumura Printing Co., Ltd.  catalog · POP · posters, flyers, brochures, calendar · D

Ogilvy & Mather Limited Liability Company advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. ozone network  advertising agency.                     

Odakyu Agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

(Ltd.) Odakyu Department (Head Office, Shinjuku)  Http://Www.Odakyu-dept.Co.Jp/shinjuku/  department stores. art.

Ochanomizu Academy of Fine Arts  Academy of Fine Arts

Ochanomizu College of Art and Design  College of Art and Design

Co., Ltd. opt  advertising agency. E marketing business       

Orion SP Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. folded  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. origin Art. Art supplies manufacturer.

Co., Ltd. Onward Holdings  apparel manufacturers. art.

Guardian Garden  Museum. To discover young artists

Co., Ltd. Gaia Communications  advertising agency.                     

KAISEISHA Co., Ltd.  books published (annual new book about 110 points, publication number about 84

Masamitsudo art. Art supply store.

Kagoyamaen (Kayamaen) Garden Museum Garden Museum

Art supplies are art. Art supply store.

Kajima Corporation  general construction company. art.

Co., Ltd. Kashima art  modern beauty in the center of the Japanese art, such as paintings, hanging scroll

Foundation Kajima Art Foundation  art relationship. Public benefit corporation.

Co., Ltd. Gakken  holding company, research and development of education and science, Professor

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Corporate name

Co., Ltd. KADOKAWA  Http://Www.Kadokawa.Co.Jp/  content creation, media mix in a variety of forms

Emidori Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music store art. Art supply store.

Co., Ltd. Kawade Shobo Shinsha  issue of books and magazines, sales.         

Kioi Art Gallery Edo of Ise paper Museum  Edo of Ise paper Museum

Kikuchi HiroshiMinoru Memorial Satoshi Museum Museum. Contemporary ceramics.

Kichijoji Academy of Fine Arts  Academy of Fine Arts

Kimura, Goro-Peasant Art Museum  Museum. Art museum

Gallery TOM  Http://Www.Gallerytom.Co.Jp/  art. gallery

Co., Ltd. Gallery cherry tree  art. gallery

Gallery Hana  art. gallery

Gallery Yanai  art. gallery

Gambit Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Hisaesha  planning design, prepress, printing, pressure

Co., Ltd. Co-Prosperity Ad International  advertising agency. Transit advertising other.            

Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd.  comprehensive printing industry.                     

Co., Ltd. Cooperative Agency  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. joint advertising agency  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Kyobashi Agency  advertising agency.                     

Kyoritsu Advertising Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Kyowa offset Printing Co., Ltd.  general printing.                      

Co., Ltd. Kyowa planning  advertising agency.                     

Yasuji Kiyokawa Memorial Gallery  art. gallery

Gyokudo Museum  Museum

Ginza Graphic Gallery  art. gallery

Ginza Taigado art  art. gallery

NishikiAkira Printing Co., Ltd.  Solutions / direct marketing / digital print / W

Co., Ltd. Kin'yosha  audio-visual game software-related. Commercial and publication

Co., Ltd. Kuorasu  advertising agency.                     

Grass earth building  art. Art supply store.

Grass earth building Setagaya shop  art. Art supply store.

Yayoi Kusama Museum  Museum. A variety of Dziga and works in which the plant the subject

DESIGN Marunouchi GOOD  Http://Www.G-mark.Org/gdm/about.Html  Museum. One design and people, design and society

Kume Museum  Museum

Crafts Co., Ltd.  revolves around the food packaging business, in the current

Co., Ltd. Gray Worldwide  advertising agency. Foreign advertising agency        

Kuroda Memorial  Museum of Art. Memorial. Seiki Kuroda appreciation stateroom

Keio Agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

(Ltd.) Keio Department Store (headquarters)  Http://Www.Keionet.Com/  department store. art.

Co., Ltd. Keikyu address enterprise  advertising agency. Shareholders / Keihin Electric Express Railway Co., Ltd.

KeiAkirado Printing Co., Ltd.  Http://Www.Keishodo.Co.Jp/  <publication printing department> <commercial printing department>

Keisei Agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency. Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. 100% owned 

Co., Ltd. cable-and-El  advertising agency.                     

Contemporary Crafts Artists Association (Institute)  Http://Www.Gendaikougei.Or.Jp/ art. Affiliate

Contemporary Sculpture Museum  Museum of Sculpture

Building warehouse Museum  Museum. Japan's only Myu that specializes in architectural models

Kokokusha Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Kosaido  creative work from the print · IT video, until the event

Kodansha Ltd. publication.                

Kodansha Noma Memorial  art. Memorial hall

Kodansha Noma Memorial  Museum of Art. Memorial. Modern Japan painter work, Modern Hiroshi

Koto art art. Art supply store.

Co., Ltd. wide beauty  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Kobunsha  such as the publication of magazines and books.              

Co., Ltd. Mitsukuni  sales promotion and public relations support and planning and production, various types of printing and

Hiroaki News Agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Each other Sakae Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Koganei Municipal brush of the Mori Art Museum. City.Koganei.Lg.Jp/kakuka/shiminbu/shiminbunka Museum

The National Museum  Museum

The National Museum of Western Art  Museum

(Germany), National Institutes for Cultural Heritage Tokyo National Museum  Museum / Museum

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Corporate name

Co., Ltd. Country communicating the company advertising agency.                     

Cosmo Communications  advertising agency.                     

Ancient Egypt Museum  Museum

Ichihei Kodaira Kushida middle sculpture museum Museum of Sculpture

Gotoh Museum (Foundation)  Http://Www.Gotoh-museum.Or.Jp/index.Html  Museum

YK children of face  art. Art supplies wholesale.

Konica Minolta Plaza  Museum. Photo.

Commons Corporation  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon  advertising agency.                     

Cyber Agent Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation Sato Museum  Museum. Foundation.

Sato Sakura Museum Tokyo  Museum

Mountain Love Co., Ltd.  comprehensive printing industry.                     

Co., Ltd. production plan  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Sanei advertising agency  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. SANKO  Http://Www.3Ko.Co.Jp/  advertising agency.                     

Sankoinsatsu Co., Ltd.  publication printing department / weekly magazine, monthly magazine, book, or the like. Commercial

Mimatsudo Co., Ltd.  publication printing, commercial printing, information processing.        

Co., Ltd. Sanseido  dictionary, textbooks and learning reference books and, language, Inc.

Sanseido Printing Co., Ltd.  annual production capacity typesetting / 2 million pages

Suntory Museum of Art  Museum of Art

Sanyu Agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Sunrise Co.  advertising agency. Theater CM. Film Promotional cane

Sanwa advertising agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

CI Kasei Co., Ltd.  synthetic resin products. Response of the metal powder, metal oxide

GMO NIKKO CO., LTD  advertising agency.                     

GMO AD Partners, Inc.  advertising agency.                     

J. Front Retailing (Ltd.)  Http://Www.J-front-retailing.Com/  department store. Holding company. art.

J. Walter Thompson Limited Liability Company  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. JR Tokai agency  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. JR East planning  advertising agency.                     

JTB Printing Co., Ltd.  Http://Www.Jtb-p.Co.Jp/  JTB timetable, travel magazines and books. Publishing printed matter及

Co., Ltd. JTB Communications  advertising agency.                     

Color Museum  Museum

Co., Ltd. Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha  magazine department "Monthly Art", "Garuvi", "Wagguru", "root

Practice girls school snowfall Memorial Museum Museum / Museum

Shinagawa Kumin Gallery  art. gallery

Co., Ltd. cine bridge  advertising agency. CM advertising of cinema (film de

Shoto Museum of Art  Museum

Co., Ltd. Shima Creative House  advertising agency.                     

Shimizu Corporation  general construction company. art.

Co., Ltd. Shueisha  magazines (39 magazines) / Books (literary books, paperback, Shinsho, practical manual

Tokyo Metropolitan University  art. University. Faculty of System Design

Co., Ltd. Shufutoseikatsusha  issue as well as the sale of magazines and books.    

Co., Ltd. Shunkosha  advertising agency. Transit advertising, outdoor advertising, etc.     

Co., Ltd. Shogakukan publication.                

Akira communication Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery  Museum. 80 pieces of paintings.

Co., Ltd. Shobunsha  book publishing.                      

Showa Women's University Koyohakubutsukan  Museum. Collection duplication Ukiyo-e, sculpture, middle

School corporation Joshibi Faculty of Arts Junior College College of Art and Design

Shin Hiroshi Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Shinchosha  books, paperback, new book, comics, magazines. Publication.   

Shindo CORPORATION  fine art books, catalogs, posters, POP advertising, calendar

New Japan molding Co., Ltd.  art. Art supplies manufacturer.

True sum Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Suido Bata Academy of Fine Arts  Academy of Fine Arts

Suginami Animation Museum  art. Animation Museum

Sugiyama Museum  Museum

Co., Ltd. Standard communication company  advertising agency.                     

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Corporate name

Hokusai Sumida Museum  Museum. Information on to the local, to the world Hokusai

Seikadō Bunko Art Museum Museum (public goods) ShizuYoshimido  Museum

Seikadō Bunko Art Museum Museum  Museum

Seidosha Co., Ltd.  Eureka and contemporary thought

Foundation of Western Art Foundation Art Foundation.                   

Co., Ltd. Sekaido / head office  art. Art supply store.

Sekaido Ikebukuro Parco shop Co., Ltd.  art. Art supply store.

Sekaido Shinjuku Nishiguchi stationery Museum Corporation  art. Art supply store.

Co., Ltd. Sekaido Seiseki Sakuragaoka Atman shop  art. Art supply store.

Co., Ltd. Sekaido Tachikawa north entrance shop  art. Art supply store.

Co., Ltd. Sekaido Machida  art. Art supply store.

Co., Ltd. Sekaido Musashino Art shop  art. Art supply store.

Co., Ltd. Sekaibunkasha  "home Pictorial", "GOLD", "Kimono Salon", "KATEI

Sekiguchi Museum  Museum

Sato Museum of babbling  Museum

Setagaya Art Museum  Museum

Co., Ltd. Septeni  advertising agency.                     

Seraaji Securities Printing Co., Ltd.  luxury printed material production (planning and production, plate making, printing, pressure

Co., Ltd. Semikku  advertising agency.                     

Izumiya Hiroshi Furudate annex  Museum

Foundation national certificate Art Promotion Association  manual art for the Promotion of Science. Foundation

The National Museum of the conference secretariat The National Museum of Western Art in  Museum conference. Affiliate

Co., Ltd. Last week  marketing, sales promotion activities in general, advertising Declaration

(One goods) Chiaki paperback  Museum / old Akita feudal lord Satake culture that was transmitted to the home

Century Museum  Museum. 1979 (1979) November establishment. language

Stern  art. Art supply store.

Co., Ltd. Sogo & Seibu (headquarters)  Http://Www.Sogo-seibu.Co.Jp/  department store. art.

The first news agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Daiko Advertising Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Taisei  advertising, planning and creating business on advertising printing. mark

Taisei Corporation  general construction company. art.

Daito Printing Crafts Co., Ltd.  marketing. promotion. SP Puran'ni

Daito HiroshiTsuge Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.  general printing. Other. art

Co., Ltd. Dainippon Arts and Crafts  art. Art supplies manufacturer. Wholesale.

Pacific Ocean Institute of Art Association  art. Corporation

Co., Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store (headquarters)  Http://Daimaru-matsuzakaya.Com/  department store. art.

Taiyo Printing Co., Ltd.  general printing. Other. art

Takarainsatsu Co., Ltd.  conservator of disclosure and IR-related products

Co., Ltd. tag Holdings  advertising agency. Job advertisements and the like.            

Takehisa Yumeji Museum  Museum

Tachikawa Academy of Fine Arts  Academy of Fine Arts

Tachibi art. Art supply store.

Co., Ltd. Tanaka Kanehanado  art. Art supplies manufacturer. Wholesale.

Tanaka Kanehanado  art. Art supply store.

Kita-ku / Tabata Bunshi Village Memorial  Museum of Art. Memorial hall

Tamagawa University Faculty of Arts  art. University College of Art

Tamagawa University Museum of Education  Museum / Museum

Tamashin Regional Cultural Foundation (Foundation)  Http://Www.Tamashin.Or.Jp history and art museum. Tamashin History Museum

Tama Art University  art. University

Tama Art University Museum  Museum. University

Co., Ltd. tambourine  advertising agency. Planning of advertising and promotion,

Co., Ltd. Chikuma Shobo  books issued and

Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo  Museum

Co., Ltd. center Ad Shinsha  advertising agency.                     

Chuokoron-Shinsha Co., Ltd.  good book route.                      

In outside the Corporation  advertising agency.                     

Middle Eastern Culture Center  Museum of Art. Historical and cultural study of the Middle East, to the public

Nagaizumi Institute University Contemporary Sculpture Museum  Museum of Sculpture

Chofu Saneatsu Mushanokōji Memorial  Museum / Museum

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Corporate name

Co., Ltd. Chiyoda gravure  after the war soon was established printing company ..        

Chiyoda advertising agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. T & T ad  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. DG Communications  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. DA search & link  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. TBWA\HAKUHODO  Http://Www.Tbwahakuhodo.Co.Jp/  advertising agency.                     

Digital Hollywood University  art. University Digital Communication Faculty

Teramachi Museum GALLERY Ando  Http://Teramachi-artmuseum.Com/museum/ Museum. Ukiyo-e print works.

Co., Ltd. Delphis  advertising agency.                     

Dentsu Inc.  advertising agency                      

Dentsu Inc. Adogia  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Dentsu Tec  advertising, public relations business. Advertising, promotion companies

Dentsu East  advertising agency.                     

Young & Rubicam, Inc. Dentsu  advertising agency.                     

Toa advertising agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

TOOLS Ochanomizu shop  art. Art supply store.

TOOLS Shinjuku  art. Art supply store.

Vision 20/20 (Sight)  Http://Www.2121Designsight.Jp/designsight/  Museum. Design Museum.

Co., Ltd. Toei Ejienshi  advertising agency.                     

Toei Advertising Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Tokankogyo Co., Ltd.  paper cups, plast cup, Ramikonkappu. Frozen desserts, yogurt

Tokyu Agency  advertising agency                      

Tokyu Department Store (head office, head office)  Http://Www.Tokyu-dept.Co.Jp/honten/  department store. art.

Tokyo Art Museum  Museum. Tokyo Art Museum October 2004

Tokyo Ad Agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Tokyo animator School  art. Animator School

Tokyo Shirushishokan  books, art books, photo book printing and publishing. Calendar, pamphlet

Tokyo Outdoor Advertising Art Cooperative  art cooperatives.

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery  Museum / Art Gallery

Tokyo rice cake and museums  Museum

Tokyo Gakugei University Faculty of Education, Arts, Sports and Culture course  art. University

Foundation Tokyo Tourism Foundation  tourist Foundation. art. Corporation

Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music  art. Art college

Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and Art Museum of the University  Museum.

Tokyo University of Technology School of Design art. University School of Design

Tokyo Polytechnic University Suginami Animation Museum  Museum. animation.

The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo  Museum

Tokyo Station Gallery  art. gallery

Tokyo Zokei  art. University

Tokyo Zokei University Museum  Museum. Tokyo Zokei University Museum of Art (Yokoyama Symbol

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo  Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography  Museum of Photography

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum  Garden Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum  Museum

Tokyo Art Club  for the preservation and utilization, as well as art works of art

Tokyo Art Paper converting collaboration union Art Paper converting collaboration union

Tokyo art dealer cooperatives  art dealer cooperatives

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum  Museum

Tokyo Musashino Academy of Fine Arts  Academy of Fine Arts

Posted Ai Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. East Xing Inc.  advertising agency.                     

Seiji Togo Memorial Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum  Museum. Seiji Togo Memorial Memorial Sompo Japan Japan Xing

East Thailand Co., Ltd.  planning, design and made of plastic soft packaging materials

Higashidori Media Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Tobi art. Art supply store.

Tobi Hachioji art. Art supply store.

Tobi Ueno Station shop art. Art supply store.

(Ltd.) Tobu Department Store (headquarters, Ikebukuro)  Http://Www.Tobu-dept.Jp/ department stores. art.

Co., Ltd. Tohokushinsha  advertising agency                      

Oriental art school headquarters building  College of Art and Design.

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Corporate name

Toyo packaging materials Co., Ltd.  various plastic films, gravure printing of cellophane, etc.,

Noboru臨美surgery School Akihabara School  Academy of Fine Arts

Towa photolithography Co., Ltd. art. Photo. Plate-making. printing

Toe Co., Ltd.  packaging materials business / paper container, resin package, a package insert, hydrogenated

Toho Co., Ltd. processing  flexible packaging materials such as food.            

Co., Ltd. Tokuma Shoten  publication.

Tokuri Museum (Foundation)  Http://Www.Toguri-museum.Or.Jp/  Museum

Toshima Ward Morikazu Kumagai Museum  Museum.

Tosho Printing Co., Ltd.  plate making, printing, binding, and each associated with these

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.  business forms, data printing services

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.  Information and Communication business areas, life and Industrial

Toppan professional sprint  If the planning, production, prepress and printing, such as printed matter

Co., Ltd. TOMOE  Http://Www.Tomoe-ad.Co.Jp/  advertising agency.                     

Toraya Gallery (Toraya Bunko)  Https://Www.Toraya-group.Co.Jp/toraya/bunko/Museum. Confectionery reference room.

Trick Art Museum  Museum

Naito Ichimizusha  advertising agency. Nationwide newspaper, job magazines, Web, etc.,

Nagai Printing Industry Co., Ltd.  general printing.             

Co., Ltd. Nagano  seal stickers advertising products · SP tool

Koganei Municipal brush of the Mori Art Museum / kankobunka / 453 / hakenomori / hakenomori_museum Museum. Memorial. Nakamura Foundation Kenichi Memorial beauty

Nakamuraya salon Museum  Museum. Nakamuraya salon artists work. Up-and-coming arts

Navis art supplies art. Art supply store.

Co., Ltd. Namura Taiseido  art. Art supplies manufacturer.

Nimurainsatsu Co., Ltd.  commercial printing, packaging material printed matter, publishing printed matter, securities

Co., Ltd. Nishikawa  information media in general was mainly a commercial printed matter

Nishiyama Museum  Museum

Knicker paint Co., Ltd.  art. Art supplies manufacturer.

Nikkei Kohosha  advertising agency.                     

Co., Ltd. Nitto  advertising agency.                     

Nitto pack Co., Ltd.  flexible packaging material (flexible package) plate-making,

Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Tourism Promotion Association  tourism association. art. Central machine on tourism promotion

Public Interest Incorporated Orchestra Japan Graphic Designers Association  issue yearbook. Exhibitions. Design education. Public

Nihonkeizaikokokusha Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Nihonkeizaisha Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Japanese Architecture Arts and Crafts Association (Institute)  Http://Www.Aacajp.Com/  Arts and Crafts Association. Affiliate

The Japan Architectural Arts and Crafts Association architectural art. Affiliate

Nippon Hiroshigyosha  advertising agency.                     

Japan Advertising Agencies Association  advertising agency

Nippon Kokokusha  advertising agency.                     

Hiroaki Co. Japan Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Japan Satsuki Association  art. bonsai. Satsuki.

Japan Satsuki cooperatives  art. bonsai. Satsuki.

Japan Iroken business Co., Ltd.  art. Art supplies manufacturer.

The Japan Calligraphy Museum  Calligraphy Museum

Nippon Suiseki Association  art. Suiseki

Nippon Sutadeo  advertising agency.                     

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.  lumber and building materials, original wood fiber

Nihon University College of Art  art. University

Nippon DIXIE  production of food containers consisting mainly of paper cup and paper products

Nippon Designer Gakuin  Http://Www.Mdg.Ac.Jp  Http://Www.Ndg.Ac.Jp  art. Designer Gakuin

Japan Tokan package Co., Ltd.  cardboard products. Folding carton products. Other.

Foundation Japan Association of Museums  Museum Association / 4,000 museum than

Japan Academy of Fine Arts (Institute)  Http://Www.Artacademy.Jp/  Academy of Fine Arts. Corporation

The Japan Federation of artists  Artists' Federation. Corporation

Japan Art Institute (Foundation)  Http://Nihonbijutsuin.Or.Jp/  Art Institute. Corporation

Japan Art Association (Foundation)  Https://Www.Japanart.Or.Jp  Art Association (Foundation). Affiliate

The Japan Bonsai Association  art. bonsai.

Japan bonsai cooperatives  art. bonsai.

(Public goods) Japan Mingeikan  Museum / Mingeikan

Japan Movie Commercial Cooperative  of the art dealer that 36 Gallery of Japan are members

Japan Science Art Association  Museum picture. Science article image. Science-based illustrations image. art.

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Corporate name

Foundation doll Art Association  Art Association. Affiliate

Coloring Museum  Museum

Nezu Institute of Fine Arts (Foundation)  Http://Www.Nezu-muse.Or.Jp  Museum

Nerima Art Museum  Museum

Hakuhodo  advertising agency                      

Hakuhodo DY Holdings  advertising agency. Marketing Communications

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners  advertising agency. In cooperation with the group of the advertising company

Co., Ltd. Pajiko  art. Art supplies manufacturer.

Foundation Machiko Hasegawa Art Museum Museum

(Public goods) Hatakeyama Memorial  Museum / Memorial

8 /  Http://Www.Hikarie8.Com/home.Shtml  Museum. Clie with a Tokyu Bunka Kaikan of DNA

Hachioji Yume Art Museum  Museum

Hattori Gakuen Ochanomizu Academy of Fine Arts Academy of Fine Arts

Panasonic Shiodome Museum  Museum

Bunny Col Art Co., Ltd.  art. Art supplies manufacturer.

Hayakawa Agency Co., Ltd.  advertising agency.                     

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art  Museum